Corfu Match was organized for the first time in 2013 by Corfu Sailing Club and was one of the first match race events in Greece and the only event away from Athens. In 2019, Corfu Match went way beyond the national level, being the first and only International match race event in Greece with teams from Europe ranking among the top 50 in the world. Corfu Match is the biggest match race event in Greece and one of the most important in Europe with some of the best international teams participating.
I edited promotional videos as an advertisement for the Corfu Match Race 2019, I filmed the race and edited daily videos for social media accounts and national TV Channels. Since the Corfu Match 2020 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I edit promotional videos to advertise the Corfu Match Race 2021 on the facebook and instagram accounts of the event.  
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