Shipwreck "SARA", Othonoi island, Underwater Museum

In March 2021, the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports announced plans to open 91 shipwrecks -dating from 1868 to 1970for recreational diving. Sipwreck "SARA" in Othonoi island is one of them. At this short documentary, freediver Chris Simatis is diving at the shipwreck and exploring all it's secrets."

"Snorkeling in Corfu, quarantine edition"

"A short documentary about snorkeling in Corfu, Greece, following the freediver Chris Simatis who explores the underwater world, observes the marine life and discovers plenty of waste, such as sunken sunbeds."

"Ghost nets, the silent killers"

"A short documentary, following a freediver who dives and removes ghost nets from the seafloor of Corfu, Greece."

"Spearfishing Corfu, Winter Shots"

"A short film about spearfishing in Corfu, Greece during winter. Sea has always something to offer!"

"Spearfishing in grouperland, Mexico Baja California"

"A short travel film about spearfishing in Mexico. Freediver and spearo Chris Simatis travels to Mexico and dives into a rich and untouched underwater world."
"SEAze the day!"

"A short travel film about freediving and spearfishing in Corfu, Greece. Aboard "Eyploia", we wander around the island, exploring shipwrecks and a sunken World War II aircraft."

"Snorkeling Corfu - The breathing cave"

"A shot documentary about the "Breathing Cave" in Paleokastritsa, Corfu island. The cave took its name from the entrance effect that blows air back. It has three chambers with air, each one deeper inside the mountain, colder and darker that only skilled divers may attempt to enter."
"Give it a shot"

"A short travel film about spearfishing and freediving adventures around the world. Chris Simatis and other spearos share their passion for the ocean and travel to remote destinations like Madagascar and Cape Verde to freedive and hunt underwater"
"Spearfishing in Panama - Panamese Rhapsody"

"A short travel film, about freediving and spearfishing in Panama. A sea full of fish and wildlife, deep waters, sharks, remote beaches and a community away from technology"
I was the video editor of the documentary and travel films produced for Chris Simatis, a professional freediver and spearo. I was aslo the cinematographer for the films produced in Corfu, Greece.
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