"A Journey to the unknown"

​​​​​​​"A human, a woman and a journey within herself. Penelope Volterra is confronted with her inner world, thoughts, daily problems and questions that she asks herself about her involvement with art. How can art help us discover ourselves and improve our human soul? What can art express better than any other medium?"

"Wine production in Greece has been modernized, but still retains the advantages of tradition. Wine is produced by people through a personal process, in which the cultivation, harvest and fermentation of the wine is based on the art of each winemaker. Sotiris Vlachos from Corfu is a winemaker with a long family history in the field of wine production. Continuing the family tradition, he cultivates grape varieties that thrive on the island, and participates in the entire production process, from the harvest to the fermentation in the "wine shop" of Corfu."

"The seamen of Corfu"
¨And tell me thy country, thy people, and thy city, 
that our ships may convey thee thither, discerning 
the course by their wits. For the Phaeacians have no pilots, 
nor steering-oars such as other ships have, but their ships 
of themselves understand the thoughts and minds of men,  
and they know the cities and rich fields of all peoples, 
and most swiftly do they cross over the gulf of the sea, 
hidden in mist and cloud, nor ever have they fear of 
harm or ruin. ¨ 
(Homer, Odyssey, book 8, lines 555-564, English: Samuel Butler)

"From Homer's descriptions we learn about the naval skills of the Phaeacians, their shipping and their ships that travel without a rudder thanks to the spiritual power of the sailors of Scheria. The 'Non rudder ship' is the symbol of Corfu, embodying the maritime skills of the Phaeacians. 
 We travel through the naval history of the island, discovering the relationship of the Corfiots with the sea in the past but also in modern times, through the stories of three seamen of Corfu."
I was working as a director, cinematographer, and video editor to produce these three short documentaries for the Hellenic Parliament TV Station. The documentaries are part of the student documentary series "FitiTVsmata", in the context of the inter-university program "Diaplasis 2020".

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